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Cinema |
Master’s Degree

Marmara University, Social Sciences Institute


Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy | Bachelor's Degree

Istanbul University, Faculty of Arts





A theatre experience with augmented reality glasses.

Production by Boat People Projekt, Göttingen


Wer Allein Bleibt, Den Frisst Der Wolf (Germany)



A play deals with such fundamental topics as identity construction, gender standardization, and the patriarchal-colonial view of a majority society on supposed minorities.

Production by Staatstheater Nürnberg


Protect Me From Punches (Turkey)



A play deals with the phenomenon of the 
cancel culture.

Production by Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts


Map To Utopia (Germany, Turkey, Digital)

Concept, artistic direction, dramaturgy and text


An interactive, digital performance.


Co-production by fringe ensemble, Bonn, and Platform Tiyatro, Istanbul.

*2021 A maze. Human Human Machine Award


Seni Seviyorum Türkiye (Turkey)



First play of The Turkey Trilogy:

"Those who Remained"

Production by Bakırköy Municipality Theatre



EuropaS (Germany)



A play about collapsing the idea of Europe.

Production by Staatstheater Karlsruhe


I Love You, Turkey! (Germany)



First play of The Turkey Trilogy:

"Those who Remained"

Production by Saatstheater Nürnberg


Time for Berlin (Turkey, Germany)



The second of The Turkey Trilogy:

"Those who Left"

Production by fringe ensemble/Turkey GbR. Funded by: Ministry for Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Goethe Institute Istanbul


Rebellion Day of Dogs (Turkey, Portugal)



The play deals with Turkey's multiple uncertainties inspired by Flaubert's Madame Bovary

Co-production by São Luiz Teatro Municipal and Istanbul Theatre Festival


Persona Non Grata (Turkey)

Director, Co-writer, Co-producer


A play questions the years 2011 to 2015 with flashbacks and stops on events, in the social and political context of countries in search of democracy. The story takes place between Cairo and Istanbul, two cities as a backdrop.


Ugly Human-ling (Turkey)

Playwright, Dramaturg


 A play about a woman with a headscarf, a Kurdish woman, and a lesbian woman – paths in life that do not necessarily cross in everyday Istanbul life. 

Production by oyun deposu

Festivals & Tours

  • 2022 - Protect Me From Punches - Theater an der Ruhr

  • 2022 - Map To Utopia - Pumpenhaus Münster

  • 2021 - Map To Utopia - Figuren Theatre Festival

  • 2021 - Map To Utopia - European Culture Days Karlsruhe / Staatstheater Karlsruhe

  • 2020 - I Love You, Turkey! - Radikal Jung / Munich Volkstheater

  • 2019 - Rebellion Day of Dogs – Fabula Mundi Playwright Festival / Sala Beckett - Barcelona

  • 2019 - I Love You, Turkey!-  Heidelberger Stückemarkt 

  • 2018 - Berlin's Time – fringe ensemble / Bonn

  • 2016 - Rebellion Day of Dogs – Sao Luis Theatro Municipal / Lizbon

  • 2015 - Persona Non Grata - Festival Chantiers d’Europe / Théâtre de la Ville Paris

  • 2014 - Persona Non Grata -  Offene Welt Festival / Ludwigshafen

  • 2010 - Ugly Human-ling - New Plays from Europe 2010 / Wiesbaden

  • 2010 - Ugly Human-ling - Premiere Festival / Strazburg 

  • 2010- Ugly Human-ling - Theater an der Ruhr / Mülheim

  • 2010 - M'estava allà, esperant al pont dels qui no passen! - Grec Theatre Festival / Barcelona

  • 2009 - Ugly Human-ling - Wiener Festwochen / Wien

  • 2009 - Ugly Human-ling - Beyond Belonging Festival / Berlin-Hebbel Theatre

  • 2008 - Ugly Human-ling - Culture Scapes / Bern, Basel, Zurich


  • 2020 - The Great İstanbul Depression (Director Zeynep Dilan Süren/Sarejova Film Festival 2020, Best Student Film Award),Script Consultant

  • 2012 – İz, Galata Perform, Sinematographic Dramaturgy

  • 2011- Otobiyografik Yazın Atölyesi, Bağyan Fest, Instructor

  • 2011- Sen de Mutlu Olma Amy, Görünürlük Projesi 7, GalataPerform, Director

  • 2011 – 7 Yazar, 7 Masa, , Görünürlük Projesi 7, GalataPerform, Instructor of Playwriting Workshop, Director

  • 2010- Türkiye Kayası, İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediye Şehir Tiyatroları, (Writer Fehime Seven / Heidelberger Stückemarkt Award), Consultant of Playwriting

  • 2010 - 5 Yazar 5 Balkon, with the support of İstanbul 2010 Avrupa Kültür Başkenti Ajansı Görsel Sanatlar Yönetmenliği Görünürlük Projesi 6, Instructor of Playwriting Workshop, Director

  • 2010 - 6 Metin 6 Yazar, with the support of İstanbul 2010 Avrupa Kültür Başkenti Ajansı Görsel Sanatlar Yönetmenliği Görünürlük Projesi 6, Instructor of Playwriting



  • Bakırköy Municipality Theatre, Dramaturg

  • Galata Perform, Dramaturg

  • Bahçeşehir University/ Film and Television, Lecturer

  • Bilgi University/ Management of Performing Arts, Lecturer






Ercan, Ceren (Writer) Dikmen Gürün’e Yazılar – İstanbul, Doğan Kitap, 2020


Ercan, Ceren (Writer) Seni Seviyorum Türkiye- Berlin Zamanı, İstanbul – Habitus Yayınları, 2018


Ercan, Ceren (Editor). Yeni Metin Yeni Tiyatro Kitabı, İstanbul: VDST- İstanbul 2010 Avrupa Kültür Başkenti Ajansı, 2010.

Published Plays

Çirkin İnsan Yavrusu, Das hassliche Menschlein, Theater Heute, Juni 2010

Öyle Durdum Bekliyordum, Geçmeyenler Köprüsünde, ‘M'estava allà, esperant al pont dels qui no passen!’, 2010


Ercan,Ceren; So Fern und doch so nah EuropaS, 2020 

Ercan, Ceren; İstanbul’daki Çağdaş Tiyatro Topluluklarında Mekana, Çevreye, Kente Bakış, İstanbul Dergisi, Sayı 50, Tarih Vakfı Yurt Yayınlar, 2004.

  • 2020 – Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Guest Playwrighter

  • 2011 - Athens&Epidaurus Theatre Festival, Atina; Grec Theatre Festival, Barcelona – Avignon Theatre Festival with the scholarship of İKSV and Kadmos Travel

  • 2010 – International Playwriting Workshop Sala Beckett, Barcelona – Sala Beckett Scholarship

  • 2000- Ohrid Theatre Festival- İstanbul University Faculty of Arts Scholarship

Panels, Seminars,
Meetings and Workshops

  • 2019 ‘Wo kommst du her?“ Ferda Ataman und Ceren Ercan, Speaker, Staatstheater Nürnberg

  • 2010 ‘Potencial Impact of Political Topics in Theatre’, Speaker, News Plays From Europe 2010, Wiesbaden

  • 2010 London Royal Court Theatre, Writer, Playwriting Workshop with Writing Instructor Simon Stephens, Sala Beckett Barcelona, 

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